Adding texture to your look with Grey Melánge

Melánge - From the French, means ‘to mix’ - a varied mixture.

Texture enhances our sensory experience. In cooking, a melánge might be epitomised in a dessert, the Eton Mess - crunchy meringue, jubey raspberries, stiff cream, and runny sauce enhance both the touch and taste of your meal, creating a sensory sensation in your mouth.

In fabric, a melánge means a variation in colour, offering the illusion of texture. Interesting texture in a fabric makes you want to reach out and touch it, as well as being visually pleasing.

Grey melange blank fashion cap

While a block colour or shade cap looks great, there’s something about block grey that just doesn’t quite translate. Lacklustre, drab, dull… grey requires variation in order to appeal.

Texture is fantastic to photograph, whether a cable knit jumper, a rustic barn wall, or varied mixture of texture enhance both the touch of the fabric and our visual reaction.

Whether it’s Tommy Jeans or a classic crew Bonds t-shirt, a thick cable knit, a grey hoodie and trackies, three-piece suit, or grey yoga leggings, grey melange has infiltrated every level of society.

At once two-tone and textural, effortless and sexy, grey melánge sits between black and white like a dark (or grey) horse of the colour wheel as the underground icon of the twentieth century as a sort of non-statement/statement shade. Pairing with white, black, and every colour under the sun, grey melange confirms your style while remaining decidedly casual.

As street as it is sports as it is luxe lounge, grey melange has the ability to break up an all-black look without diluting your aesthetic. Black tee, black jeans, black sneaks, grey melánge snapback… Mood.

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Grey Melange Flat Peak 6 Panel Baseball Capgrey melange curved peak capgrey melange trucker cap

While white can feel near impossible to keep clean, and black can fail to excite, a pop of grey melánge is both cosy and cool, carefree and considered, helping it own the position of a no-brainer layering shade no matter your outfit. The ultimate neutral or base shade, no matter your aesthetic.

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